Posts made in January, 2010

Hearings, Hearings and More Hearings

What a week it has been: hours and hours of hearings of Designate Commissioners by the European Parliament. I obviously did not follow all of them (difficult when they are simultaneous) but must say I appreciated the convenience of the live stream possibility, compare to the joys of sitting in a room where the temperature and adrenaline go beyond what is tolerable under EU law. I will not try to summarise my impression, if only to say I am still surprised how poorly prepared some Designate Commissioners seem. After all, this game is not new. Vague but also tough questions are asked. It’s a bit like meeting the parents of your date. Awkward and often with the right (or for you, the wrong) questions asked.

Anyway, I have kept two things from this week:

  1. a link to my live tweets and that of many others during the Kroes hearings that can be found here and
  2. this small movie made by me and for which I beg your indulgence: blame it on post-traumatic hearing stress.

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