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Writing a book about lobbying : what a bad idea!

Me to client: “So are you OK with me mentioning you in my acknowledgments as you really helped me go to my limits in lobbying on your behalf”.
Client: “Huh, well, I didn’t do much and you know, on this side of the Atlantic, we don’t like to be associated to the word lobbying”.
Me: “What do you mean? There’s a zillion lobbyists on the Hill… You guys invented the word and now you don’t like it?”
Client: “I didn’t say we were not hypocrites. I’m just saying I find it odd that you would write about lobbying as something you do and are proud of…I mean frankly, what a bizarre idea”.

So the word is out: I’m at it again with my bizarre ideas about lobbying being a legitimate and useful job (if done well by professional that like to sleep soundly at night)…At least I guess the second part of is a bit more ‘respectable’ as it talks about social media and EU 2.0. And even there, what a struggle to stop adding to the book at every small change in the EU 2.0 landscape. It is very frustrating when your book is finished to see everyone suddenly get excited about Reding’s announced “Communication revolution”…But then again, having read the entire document, I guess revolution may not have the same significance in EU corridors than the places I go to ’cause dragging journos on trips and having Barroso as EU poster boy certainly wouldn’t make me feel like a major shift is underway in terms of EU communications…and certainly wasn’t worth updating the “social media” bit of the book much!

So anyway: it’s on pre-order here and info about is can be found here.

And, as a side note: I know that Switzerland is not part of the EU but the Swiss army knife on the cover was designed in the EU, commercialised by the Swiss and made in China :)

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