“Us” has multiple facets in the case of LobbyPlanet, as there is the “human” us, referring to the team behind LobbyPlanet, and the “animal” us, referring to our friendly Lino the Rhino, which we hope to turn one day into the official lobbying emblem.
So let’s see who is behind LobbyPlanet:

  • Why a Rhino? Or the Story behind Lino the Rhino
  • The Team behind LobbyPlanet
  • The Artist behind Lino the Rhino

Why a rhino?

Our mascotte: Lino the Rhino

Our mascotte: Lino the Rhino

Let’s face it: putting together a portal that talks about lobbying in a hopefully informative and factual manner is the perfect recipe for inducing a major yawn!

Personally, at LobbyPlanet, we wanted to keep things light and if not funny, at least cheerful.

Hence the cartoon…but why a rhinoceros as emblem of a portal focused on lobbying?

Well, if you look at it closely, lobbyists and rhinoceros have a multitude of common points.

Just think about it:

  • Rhinoceros have an extremely tough skin and even when the outer skin bleeds a little after a fight, it does not really affect their inner layer of skin nor does it really hurt them…you really need that too as a lobbyist!
  • Rhinoceros are renowned for their compulsive behaviour when spotting a fire: they just need to stamp it out…sounds familiar?
  • Rhinoceros have an acute hearing and sense of smell, but poor eyesight…I guess that one is self-explanatory
  • Rhinoceros are by nature solitary creatures but can sometimes accept to live in small groups. They are very territorial and quite ill-tempered, which is why they sometimes charge for no apparent reason
  • Though Rhinoceros are large and impressive they can turn really quickly in tight corners
  • The average pregnancy of a rhinoceros is between 15 and 18 months, as is the average time taken for legislation to go through its process of adoption…and the baby is as cute in both cases
  • And finally: some might wonder at the analogy between lobbyists and male rhinoceros when pondering upon the fact that rhinoceros hide their testicles inside their body, for protection purposes…talk about having some balls!

At the end of the day, only two major differences can be pointed out between rhinoceros and lobbyists:

  • No one would ever claim that lobbyists are an endangered species, quite the contrary
  • No one would every create mythical tales about any portion of a lobbyist’s body holding aphrodisiac powers

The Team

N-square Consulting

N-square Consulting

LobbyPlanet is the result of quite a few sleepless nights and a peak in coffee consumption by Caroline De Cock, owner of the consultancy firm N-square, based in Brussels, and lobbyist specialised in the ICT sector.

Caroline decided to set up LobbyPlanet after she had to explain for the zillionth time to one of her clients what co-decision implied and why it was actually helpful to come and speak to her prior to a draft proposal being issued by the Commission rather than after first reading (yes, that does happen quite often).

She is currently working on an expanded version of the knowledge base to publish as a book.

The Artist behind Lino

Lino the Rhino was created at LobbyPlanet’s request by a young Belgian artist full of talent, Aurore Delannois.

Aurore has a real passion for artistic creations, ranging from cartoon drawings to sculptures and website design.

Some of her other creations can be found on her YAKA website.