Barroso II vote in European Parliament: did you hear the music too?

Today, as expected, the Barroso II Commission was approved by the European Parliament, with an overwhelming positive vote of 70% (higher than Barroso I in 2004, that was had 66%), based on the approval of the 3 largest political groups (EPP, ALDE and S&D).

No surprise there.

The debate however prior to the vote was to me, quite disappointing. Politics are like reading a good novel. Either the end of the book is unexpected and subject to multiple changes, in which case reaching it becomes the goal of the reader. Or the end is predictable, and then the talent of the author is to make the trip to reach that end as enjoyable as possible. You could also think of the old Columbo TV series: you always knew who the murderer was, but the purpose of each show was to understand the why and how. For the fans, it was not a case of “whodunit” but one of “howcatchem“.

So my frustration came from, well frankly, the lameness of the debate. Thank God for Dany le Rouge (Daniel Cohn-Bendit), who livened it all up with his flamboyant intervention and “Ta Gueule!” to Martin Schultz!

To me, the exercise looked like the wonderful interaction of a well-oiled orchestra and made me put together the short little film below.


  1. It’s a shame there is no extract of ‘Je T’aime Moi Non Plus’ from the new film, ‘Serge Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)’ ( Combined with the original video of Daniel Cohn-Bendit apparition (, you could perhaps create a brand new LobbyPlanet trailer for the movie (which is worth the trip to the cinema).

  2. I must admit there was so much more I wanted to do with this but my PC crashed twice while mounting this diue to the number of different tracks already so I stopped the technical slaughter earlier than i wanted :) Nice to read you Herman!

  3. A correction: the correct URL for the movie trailer is ( ), the YouTube video is part of the soundtrack from the movie.

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