Hearings, Hearings and More Hearings

What a week it has been: hours and hours of hearings of Designate Commissioners by the European Parliament. I obviously did not follow all of them (difficult when they are simultaneous) but must say I appreciated the convenience of the live stream possibility, compare to the joys of sitting in a room where the temperature and adrenaline go beyond what is tolerable under EU law. I will not try to summarise my impression, if only to say I am still surprised how poorly prepared some Designate Commissioners seem. After all, this game is not new. Vague but also tough questions are asked. It’s a bit like meeting the parents of your date. Awkward and often with the right (or for you, the wrong) questions asked.

Anyway, I have kept two things from this week:

  1. a link to my live tweets and that of many others during the Kroes hearings that can be found here and
  2. this small movie made by me and for which I beg your indulgence: blame it on post-traumatic hearing stress.


  1. Am I right to understand that you’re implying something by using capital letters for the words DO & IT in your title?

    Frist, I was thinking that you might want to urge MEPs to make more use of information technology, or that you simply wanted commission candidates to be more active.

    But I guess it’s most likey a reference to the wheelings and dealings of some designate commissioners. Whatever you do, don’t mention it.

  2. You must be the first one that noticed there was something behind the title and yes, it’s deliberatly multi-dimensional, what else would you expect from a lobbyist/rhino ;) First degree is probably simply DO IT. Do the job, don’t just give promises that make a hearing smoother. The don’t mention it part comes from (1) the fact that I am a big fan of Fawlty Towers (2) the fact that many multi-cultural environments have some of these stupid prejudices about what you should say or not (3) the ongoing enquiries at the time I picked the title re Irak (4) the bizarre approach taken by some hearing to just not mention what could be controversial to them which made me think someone must have given them the advice “Whatever you do don’t mention it” ( a bit like the advice if you cheat your partner: deny, deny, deny).

  3. Ah, that’s why. Yes, Fawlty Towers is classic, I love it, too! :D


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