I speak French in all languages!

…only one of the many ooh so funny lines in the Annual Press Revue Performance put together by some of the most renown journos at Albert Hall, driven by the well-known Geoff Meade. The title this year – “Up Rompuy” – says it all. It was all about Barroso II, the red Baroness and the not German Herman, aka “the man with the Van”: truly the EU Brussels bubble at its best.

I’m not sure if you could do a roadshow with this revue, as it is so very much an insiders’ thing, and a lot of the references will be particularly striking (and funny) to those working and/or living within a 10 km radius of Rond Point Schuman. But what was certainly positive about it, was the number of European Commission officials (up to Director-General level and including those most criticised, i.e. the spokespeople) that were amongst the cheering crowd, having a good laugh…well, at themselves, I guess.

The lobbyists were not forgotten, as the monkeys swinging from a Decision to a Regulation in the EuroAvatar world (and I will have  to live for the rest of my life with that picture of a respectable journo dressed in EU blue t-shirt with stars, blue thighs and “blue underpants over his pants” for the rest of my life) and the Casablanca moment between Herman and Cathy was, well let’s just say unique (“We’ll always have Brussels, Cathy”).

Roseland Room, Albert Hall, Brussels, Belgium

Roseland Room, Albert Hall, Brussels, Belgium

Thinking back about my post on creating a face for the institutions on top of  a voice, here was a show pointing out many of the shortcomings of Brussels, Europe and its ever-so complicated institutions and representatives…but you know what, you could feel that these guys are fond of the beast, and the way they made fun of it, made me think yet again: there’s something to be said and felt about Europe…but it would imply accepting to be witty and human about it!

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  1. @paolabrussels |

    The sketches and performances were all really very funny.

    My favourite line of the evening: “Who is this German who is not a German?” No guessing about whom it refers to.

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