EU blogs

The EU blogosphere is definitely quite active and we have tried to list lmost of the blogs we could find, even though new ones emerge on a weekly basis.

We have also made an attempt at categorising them in the following manner:

The Pioneers

This section includes some of the pioneer blogs in terms of EU affairs or EU debates.

Nosemonkey’s EUtopia: (English)
An updated blog put together by an ex-eurosceptic turned, as he himself describes, “timidly pro-EU”. Formerly known as Europhobia.

A Fistful of Euros: (English)
Defines itself at as both a Webzine and a Weblog. Content is provided by about 15 different authors plus guest writers and covers anything from the EU to Eurovision. Also home to the annual Satin Pajama European Weblog Awards.

EU Referendum: (English)
One of the longest-running anti-EU blogs, written by a contributor to the eurosceptic Bruges Group think tank and a political Researcher for UK MPs.

The Brussels Journal: (English)
The sub-title “The Voice of Conservatism in Europe” gives clear hint: it’s all anti-EU but with a knack at spotting some unusual stories.

EurSoc: (English)
Long-running eurosceptic blog with well-researched and updated articles.

Jon Worth’s Euroblog: (English)
A former president of the Young European Federalists, Jon Worth defines himself as European, social democrat, federalist, atheist, monarchist, etc. He has a background in professional training relating to the way the EU works.

Euro Watch: (English)
Provides since 2002 economic analysis and data, including sub-sections on the economies of France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain, as well as Emerging Economies and Eastern Europe.

Publius: (French)
Collective blog in French that has also been ongoing for quite a few years.

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Newspaper / Journalist blogs

These blogs are written by journalists, either as an official newspaper blog section, or in their personal capacity.

The Economist – Certain Ideas of Europe: (English)
The Economist’s EU blog, updated nearly every day.

Euractiv – BlogActiv: (English, German, French, etc)
A recently launched blog hub about European affairs, from the team behind Euractiv.

Liberation – Coulisses de Bruxelles: (French)
French Newspaper Liberation’s Brussels blog, by their correspondent Jean Quatremer. Also present on Facebook.

La Oreja de Europe: (Spanish)
Blog by a Spanish journalist based in Brussels.

European Tribune: (English)
A European “branch” of liberal US blogs “The Daily Kos” and “The Booman Tribune”.

Financial Times Brussels Blog: (English)
Regularly updated with obviously well written pieces.

Daily Telegraph – Bruno Waterfield: (English)
Recent eurosceptic blog (since February 2008) from the Brussels correspondent of the Telegraph. A bit extreme at times but with good gossip!

BBC – Mark Mardell’s Euroblog: (English)
Very regular and readable reports from the BBC’s Europe Correspondent.

Europa451: (French and Spanish)
Collective blog of several EU journalists.

Relatio-Europe – Daniel Riot: (French)
“Blog-notes” from a European political journalist, also initiator of the magazine Relatio-Europe

Toute l’Europe – eToile: (French)
Blog run by “Le Centre d’information sur l’Europe”, an organisation co-founded by the French government and the European Commission. Also includes a Facebook Group.

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Commissioner blogs

Commissioner blogs generally read more like a set of press releases than a web log in the true sense of the word, but it is still positive to see that more and more of them are at least trying to give a more informal view of their day-to-day activities and thoughts.

Vivianne Reding (Commissioner for Citizenship and Fundamental Rights): (English)
Video blog showing Reding’s key speeches and interventions.

Andris Piebalgs (Commissioner for Development):
Just started blogging.

Neelie Kroes (Commissioner for Digital Agenda):
No posts yet.

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MEPs and Political Parties’ blogs

More and more MEPs are taking their pen (well actually their keyboard) and communicating their thoughts on the web. Most of them are however a bit sporadic in their contributions but can still be worth checking, especially if you are about to meet one of the listed MEPs.

Alex Stubb, former MEP for Finland and current Minister of Foreign Affairs: (English, German, Finnish, etc)

Though Stubb’s new responsibilities have led him to update the blog only sporadically, you just need to check it out for the great pictures and his communicative smile.

Bernard Poignant, MEP France (PSE): (French)
Blog of a French Socialist member of the EP’s Fisheries and Regional Development committees and President of the National Federation of Socialist and Republican Elected Representatives.

Jens-Peter Bonde MEP Denmark (IND/DEM): (English, Danish)

Jens-Peter Bonde is one of the six veterans who have been Members of the European Parliament since the first direct elections in 1979. He is also the Co-President of the eurosceptic Independence and Democracy Group.

Daniel Hannan MEP UK (EPP-ED): (English)

Strongly eurosceptic but well-argumented blog.

Marie-Noëlle Lienemann MEP France (PSE): (French)

Regularly-updated blog of the French Socialist MEP. Does have a tendency to report on French politics than European matters.

Mary Honeyball MEP UK (PSE): (English)
Regular and factual blog.

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European Commission abroad

Representatives of the European Commission abroad are also starting to write blogs, even though the phenomenon is still quite timid.

Antonia, Head of Media, UK: (English)

Joanna Drake, Malta: (English) or (Maltese)

Marjatta Hautalan, Finland: (Finnish)

Willy Hélin, Belgium: (French is the most updated blog. Supposedly also in Dutch and German)

José Luis Gonzalez Vallvé, Spain: (Spanish)

Ludolf van Hasselt, the Netherlands: (Dutch)

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Think Thanks & Academics

These blogs can be thought provoking, although it is obviously always important to first check which interests the think-thank in question represents, if any.

Centre for European Politics Blog: (English)
Part of the University of London.

Centre for European Reform Blog: (English)
Pro-EU but critical think tank.

Open Europe Blog: (English)
Eurosceptic think tank.

Telos: (French and English)
French think tank looking at France’s place in the world, with a strong emphasis on the EU.

Through the European Labyrinth: (English)
From the eurosceptic UK-based think tank the European Foundation.

BlogEuropa: (English and Spanish)
Blog by mostly Spanish academics.

Marco Bucik: (English)
Pro-EU from a Slovenian member of the Young European Federalists.

Le Taurillon / The New Federalist: (English, French, Italian, German)
Multilingual group blog run by the Young European Federalists, so very much pro-EU. Looks more like a magazine than a blog.

Dominique Reynie: (French)
Blog by a professor of political science at L’Institut d’études politiques in Paris.

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Specialised / Thematic blogs

Often more thorough in their specific area, these blogs sometimes include in-depth analysis of legislation or court cases which are often worth reading.

Energy, Environment, Climate change and Sustainable Development:

3e Intelligence: (English)
EU and global energy, environment, climate change and sustainable development policy analysis from a former EurActiv man.

Carbonara: (English)
Focusing on EU carbon emissions policy.

EU Energy Policy Blog: (English)
Blog from economists from all over the globe.

Competition Policy

The Antitrust Hotch Potch: (English)
EU law blog focusing on competition policy.


CAP Health Check: (English)
Blog of the, which campaigns for transparency in Common Agricultural Policy payments.

Common Agricultural Policy: (English)
Blog about…the CAP!


ECJ Blog: (English)
Good analysis of European Court of Justice cases.

EU Law Blog:
Interesting analyses of EU law developments.

Grahnlaw: (English with links to Finnish and Swedish versions)

Euroblog: For a democratic European Union: politics, future and history. Blawg = law blog = legal blog: European and Finnish law”.

EU Case Law: (English)
“A blog about leading judgments of the ECJ, CFI, CST and ECTHR”.


Eurozone Watch: (English)
Eurozone politics and economics.

Law of the EMU and Euro: (English)
“News, legislation and legal (scholarly) publications on the European Economic and Monetary Union.


REACHSPOT: (English)
Blog about REACH, the EU’s new chemicals regulations legislation.

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Well the title says it all: these are EU relevant blogs that do not truly fit anywhere else in our classification. Written by lobbying firms, Ministers, or just funny spectators of the Brussels arena, they often include some entertaining wisdom on Europe.

Kattebel’s Blog: (English)
Recently started blog by an avid Twitterer and voracious reader of all things EU that likes sharing her views in a deep but always nice-to-read manner.

Public Affairs 2.0: (English)
Written by the team of Public Affairs Consultancy Fleishmann-Hillard in Brussels.

Federal Union Blog: (English)
Blog from the Union of European Federalists, obviously pro-EU.

Jim Murphy, UK Minister for Europe: (English)
The UK’s minister in charge of relations with the rest of the EU.

Social Europe Blog: (English)
The blog of the Social Europe Journal.

Valery Giscard d’Estaing: (French)
Blog of the former French president and author of the draft EU constitution that did not get adopted.

World Security Institute Brussels Blog: (English)
Blog around security theme.

The 8th Circle: (English)
The sub-title sets it out: “Corruption, democracy, and Eastern European politics”.

Alphasources: (English)
Young Danish blogger focusing primarily on European (and occasionally Japanese) macroeconomics.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: (English and “Anglo-Saxon”, if you believe the author)
Anti-EU blog, which describes itself as an “EU withdrawalist, libertarian and generally reactionary” blog…

Babel Blogs: (multilingual)
Big multilingual blog hub.

Berlaymonster: (English)
Brussels-based political gossip, subtitled “Derailing the gravy train”.

Blog About European Union & Romania: (English)

Brussels Media: (English)
Defines itself as “A blog about the EU media landscape in Brussels”.

La Comunidad: (Spanish)
Spanish blog rewarded by the European Commission in 2009.

DJ Nozem: (English)
“Irregular commentary on the EU” by a Dutchman based in Berlin.

EU Corruption: (English)
“Despite appearances this isn’t a eurosceptic blog. But transparent and honest government is good government.”

EU Digest: (English)
Not a real blog but gives good summaries and links to articles on European politics.

EU for US: (English)
“The European Union filtered by a quiet American”. Not always about politics but often funny.

europa-eu-audience: (English)
“The Institutions of the European Union endeavour to be transparent, open and accessible. They want to be seen in the best possible light by the public at large. We share this objective, and intend to contribute to its achievement”. The blog claims to be written by EU civil servants.

European Avenue: (English)
Not a blog, but an EU news link log.

Eurosocialiste: (English/French)

Blog by a French PES activist aiming to build bridges between European politics and French politics

Europe&Us: (English and French)
French-based European politics coverage.

Evil European: (English)
Pro-EU blog with a dark and futuristic look.

Global Power Europe: (English)
Written by a PhD student at the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge.

Gulf Stream Blues: (English)
“European politics from an American perspective”.

Ironies Too: (English)
Eurosceptic blog.

Julien Frisch: (English)
Recent blog, launched in July 2008, with really good insights.

Kosmopolit: (English)
International relations from a pro-EU perspective, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe.

A Northern Perspective: (English)
The EU from a Swedish perspective.

Re: Europa: (English)
Pro-EU politics from outside the UK. Has a great list of links really well classified.

Stanley’s Blog: (English)
Informative, insightful and regularly updated. Blog by Stanley Crossick, a political analyst and media commentator on EU internal and external policies, with special expertise on China.

Stephen Spillane: (English)
Irish blogger blogging about Irish and EU politics.

The Tap Blog: (English)
Another blog by a British eurosceptic.

Tim Worstall: (English)
Anti-EU classical liberal economist that describes himself as a “Euronihilist”.

The Transatlantic Assembly: (English)
Blog of American and European lawyers.

The Turko File: (English)
“Blogging Turkey’s road to membership in the European Union”.

Who do I call?: (English)
Blog campaigning for a single EU president set up by pro-EU federalist bloggers Jon Worth and Jan Seifert.

Yellow Stars pro Europe blog: (English)
“Christian Democrat and Pro European Union blog in support of a European world order!”

Whitebull: (English)
Blog spin-off of EU video news YouTube channel EUX.TV.

Agir pour l’Europe: (French)
Pro-EU federalist blog.

Euros du Village: (French, English, German and Italian)
Has grown so much over the years that it looks more like a magazine than a blog.

Europa Blues: (French)
“Chronicles of a European despite himself”, pro-EU but critical of the EU elites.

Un Europeen jamais content: (French)
The title says it all “A European that is never satisfied”..

Europemondi: (French)
“Europe and globalization”.

Nouvelle Europe: (French)
More a magazine than a blog. Focuses on the relationship between Eastern and Western Europe in the wake of expansion.

Quoi de neuf en Europe: (French)
Eurosceptic blog from a lawyer specialising in EU law.

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