So it seems the book is real now

It took me longer than a pregnancy to write it (but then again, I guess pregnancies are handled as a full time occupation whereas writing this book was more of a “nighttime-who-needs-sleep-anyway” adventure), but is now a “real” book (you know, the type that has pages and smells like fresh paper). At the end of the day, the writing part was definitely fun, and thank god no one tells you when you start how much time will be required editing, updating, and then preparing a darn press release no one is likely to read. I mean, come on: a press release about (1) a book (2) on the EU (3) about lobbying…how exciting can that be! OK, I’ll grant you there’s the social media aspect that may be ever so slightly refreshing, but still…

So as always, I decided to have a bit of fun when doing my press release (if you’re really keen on that one, it’s accessible here in English, French and Dutch), and have my moment of “Old Spicyness” (no relation to the Spice Girls, but everything to do with those great ads from Old Spice). Now, I grant you that it was a bit difficult with a Flip Camera and sitting in my office to create a scene switching seamlessly from a bathroom, to a ship on a beach, to end with a horse…so I did it at my very small scale, doing what I do best, i.e. sit at my desk and talk.

Not quite Isaiah Mustafa yet, huh?


  1. Wonderful! Love your video, and the one you got inspiration from!

  2. Thx! It is quite a source of inspiration, isn’t it? :)

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