Speed dating at the Mickey Mouse

OK, I will admit it from the start: this title is purely tailored to drive traffic to my site. But it also comes from a funny thought I had this afternoon sitting for 4 straight hours in the Mickey Mouse bar of the European Parliament.

Mickey Mouse Bar in the good ol' days

Mickey Mouse Bar in the good ol' days

But first, a word of history: what is the Mickey Mouse will you ask? Difficult to say these days. In the good ol’ days, the “Mickey Mouse” was the nickname given by MEPs, assistants and lobbyists to one of the bars in the European Parliament in Brussels, due to the very colourful chairs shaped, well, like a giant mouse’s ears.

But last year, in a sudden and savage twist of all our habits, codes, customs, the European Parliament re-looked it, and event so noteworthy that even European Voice covered it with the anguished title “Death of Mickey Mouse? – A sore loss in the European Parliament” .

The feeling of loss is actually such that they have kept one set of seats with a big painting featuring Mickey at the entrance, that is now a full part of the EP touristy guided tour…

Anyway, let’s close here the walk down memory lane (except for those that haven’t visited it since then: it’s now populated with greyish and burgundy leatherish armchairs with the charm and appeal of…average EU comms I guess) and come to the topic of this blog post.

The Mickey Mouse was cramped the entire afternoon and as I was meeting assistant after assistant at a twenty minute interval, and looking at the assistant of an MEP currently Rapporteur for a politically important Report doing the saĆ¹me with lobbyist after lobbyist (and for the excitable amongst you, this included industry but also NGOs, etc), the image of speed dating suddenly came to mind: 20 min, tell me who you are, show me why I should like you and want to see you (i.e. your amendment, paper, wish list, etc) on a second date…all the way, up to the body language which was fun to follow.

I went home alone…but I think some of my papers may get their second date opportunity :)

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