Time to launch a new blog, but without closing this one!

Come fly with me at Lobbynomics

Come fly with me at Lobbynomics

It’s funny how once you start blogging (even if I am the first to admit that I am a very sporadic blogger), the limits you have set yourself in terms of blogging initially soon start to become burdensome.

Now in all fairness, I put very few limits on myself when I started blogging on LobbyPlanet, except for the fact that each of my posts should remain (1) light and possibly funny (2) about my job as a lobbyists but not about the dossiers I deal with.

Not too constraining you would think…except it’s very difficult not to feel that tingling to write about a subject you are working and breathing most of your waking hours about..and yes you work on it for clients but also because you happen to be interested in that matter…or worse, care about a dossier (I know, caring and lobbyists without a chequebook involved seems extremely counter-intuitive to most).

So to make a long story short, I have decided to launch a second blog in parallel to this one, that talks about the subject matters I deal with on a daily basis, i.e. the wonderful world of the Internet and telecoms.

Yet again, I have set myself the following limits: (1) funny might be aiming too high but let’s try to at least not be depressing (2) if it’s not thought provocative, I shouldn’t write about it (3) being unbiased is a fallacy, as I am clearly biased by the fact that I am a woman, mother of three, rather a dog person than a cat person, born and raised and Africa, thankful for the fact that we live in a free and democratic society in Europe, lover of the early Internet without necessarily grasping on to the past, etc.

As to why it’s called Lobbynomics? Go find the explanation here.

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  1. Oh please, even in this new venture, try and stay funny!
    Completely agree with you on how when you start blogging and give yourself some boundaries on what you should talk about and how you should do it, it soon becomes burdensome in the sense that it kills your creativity. That’s why I decided to open up my writing and talk about whatever I care about, within the limits of course of what I can talk about with regards to my profession.

  2. Don’t worry: I usually have grave difficulties at staying serious for too long, as my very scientific infographic on privacy shows http://www.lobbynomics.com/2010/11/my-right-to-be-forgotten-your-obligation-to-forget/

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