When a picture speaks more than words: Best Wishes!

Best Wishes for 2010!

Best Wishes for 2010!

2009 has been an extremely eventful year for us and we can only hope 2010 will be as much fun, both for us and for you!

In April, after Easter, we launched the Lobbyplanet website, or at least, the wiki part of it, following 9 months of “after hours” work (well a consultant doesn’t have too many of those but who needs sleep, right?). And then, after summer break (for the non-initiated: it might be a break for the EU institutions but it certainly isn’t for the rest of the EU bubble population which, at least in my case, has consultations to respond to, a huge pile of “to read” materials to sift through, etc), we revamped the lobbyplanet site by moving it to a WordPress platform and adding the blog, and launched the linolounge social network site in beta mode…

But there are still a lot of crazy ideas in our “lino box” so stay posted for 2010!

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