How should you lobby? No magical answer, I’m afraid.

The “How?” is probably the most complex question to answer. It’s about taking into account so many things that the average human being’s head would start spinning…but not a lobbyist!

Lobbyists (and their “lobby targets”) thrive on playing complex chess parties that would make Kasparov puzzled!

This section tries to outline some of the intricacies of the lobbying art (or game, depending on your sense of humour), namely:

The Basics of the EU

pic62The 3 Pillars

The expression “the 3 pillars of the European Union” is used to illustrate how the various forms of cooperation are built up within the EU depending on which policy area and which part of the treaty provisions is involved.

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pic26EU Treaties and Institutional Reforms

The basic legal texts on which the European Union and the European Communities are founded: the founding Treaties, the amending Treaties, and the Accession Treaties for each of the six enlargements, plus other essential documents. It also looks at the reforms that have taken place over time.

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The Multiple dimensions of EU Lobbying

pic08Political dimension

The political dimension is obviously critical in understanding the European institutions. Everyone is aware of the weight of the political groups in the European Parliament and of the fact that the policies of Member States within the Council are obviously affected by the political colour of the national government.

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thumb_image27Member States’ dimension

MEPs and Council member have obvious ational ties, but so do Commissioners and even civil servants. Ignoring the “national” element is therefore not an option.

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pic18Institutional dimension

There are obviously more than three institutions involved in the EU decision-making process but the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council do make up what is known as the “Decision-making Triangle”.

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The Rules of the Jungle


First Rule: would you really try to climb a tree from the top?

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Second Rule: talk with two words, just like your mum taught you, and build at least one if not multiple strategies!

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Third Rule: on time and all the time.

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pic32About what

Fourth Rule: too much is rarely a good thing.

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Fifth Rule: never forget that in the jungle, animals meet by the drinking points

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