Legislative Procedures

The legislative procedure extends well beyond the “pas de trois” danced during co-decision or one of the other legislative adoption processes by the three EU institutions.

Before a proposal is sent to the Parliament and Council for discussions, it matures for many months and can be influenced at the “idea” stage often much more efficiently than later on.

Conversely, after certain legislative instruments such as Directives are adopted, they still need to be “transposed” into national law, requiring often quite some work to avoid creative interpretations with damaging consequences.


The earlier one starts lobbying a legislative measure, the more chance one has to influence it significantly.

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In the process from Idea to Draft, a document undergoes multiple steps.

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arrow_proposalProposal: the different procedures

Though Co-decision is the main procedures, legislative proposal can be adopted under various types of procedure.

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arrow_eu_lawEU Law

In this section, we examine the “Comitology” procedures, as well as the role of Agencies in shaping European law.

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arrow_implementNational law

When EU legislation is not directly applicable at national levels (for example in the case of a Directive), each Member State must implement that legislation before the specified deadline and in a correct manner.

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