Proposal: the Procedures

pic57Co-decision procedure

With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the co-decision procedure has now definitely become the “mainstream” procedure at EU level.

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pic10Assent Procedure

The assent procedure is a form of all-or-nothing co-decision procedure as it requires the approval of the Council and the European Parliament, but the latter can only vote on the entire proposal, without suggesting any amendments, and in a single reading.

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pic19Co-operation procedure

The cooperation procedure resembles the co-decision procedure in terms of dialogue necessary between the institutions and possibility of two readings but differs in one crucial aspect, which is that the Council, on its own, has the final decision-making power.

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pic27Consultation procedure

The consultation procedure enables the European Parliament to give its opinion on a proposal from the Commission, but without any obligation for the European Commission or the Council to take this opinion (including the proposed amendments) into account.

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